Why Do Cats Trill: The Secrets to a Cat Trill

Why Do Cats Trill: The Secrets to a Cat Trill

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Cats are strange creatures. Did you know that a cat can trill and purr at the same time? A cat’s purr is a vibration of its diaphragm, while a trill is caused by vibrations in its vocal cords.

Trills usually last for about one second with up to eight repetitions per minute. Cats don’t need any special equipment to do this– it all comes naturally! If you’ve ever wondered why your kitten or cat does this, then you should keep reading!

In this article, we’ll talk about why do cats trill and how it differs from other noises they make. We’ll also discuss why cats do this and look into some interesting facts surrounding these kitties’ strange vocalizations.

What is a cat trill

Do you know what a cat’s trill sounds like? It is usually just an “rrrrrww” sound that cats let out at certain times. This video showcases the different types of trills your cat might make!

According to Rover, cats make trilling sounds that sound like a mix between meow and purr. They are the human equivalent of blowing air through your flattened lips while humming a tune, but many have described it as sounding more like rolling R.

Why do cats trill

Ever wondered why do cats trill? It turns out that the answer is not as simple as you might think. Some people believe it’s because they’re trying to imitate a bird call – but there are other theories too. 

The truth is, nobody really knows for sure! But don’t worry, we’ve gathered some of the most interesting ones below so you can make up your own mind. (Or maybe just go with what your cat tells you!)

I hope you are able to figure out why your cats trill based on the below suggestions.

My cat, Dann trills sometimes – I’ll be in my office working and suddenly, without warning or introduction, there’s a high-pitched trill coming from somewhere else in the house but when I go to investigate nothing seems wrong at all!

adorable animal blur cat


Cats often trill when they want attention from you.

But to be 100% sure about that, you need to look at their body language as well. Because cats can communicate a million different messages with their meows – and we mere humans cannot fully understand them!

If your cat starts headbutting you while it is busy doing something else, this might mean your cat wants some of the lovey-doveys too – or will just appreciate an ear scratch for a few minutes before returning back to what it was doing earlier on in its life…

A form of communication

Cat trilling is associated with happy emotions. You should try to communicate with your cat if it starts talking, just like humans do when they’re in a good mood.


Adults cats may trill when they want to greet other members of their species. A cat might also use a high-pitched sound, like the one it makes while meowing, as a way of showing affection for its owner or another feline friend.

Communication between mother and kitten

Derived from the sound a mother cat makes, trilling is also used by cats as an indicator of happiness.

By mimicking their parents’ behavior, kittens learn how to make this noise themselves very early in life when they feel happy emotions which will continue into adulthood where no one knows exactly what meaning these sounds have anymore except that we know they signify some sort of positive emotion- usually joy or contentment.

What Happens If Cat Starts Trilling Excessively?

There are many reasons why your cat may be trilling excessively.

For example, cats often trill when they’re happy and excited. They also do this to attract attention from their human or other animal companions.

If you’ve noticed your cat is constantly trilling for no reason, it’s possible that he or she is not feeling well and want to get your attention. A vet visit is necessary. Take a video of your cat’s trilling and show it to your vet so they can access the condition.

Some cats trill excessively to warn others of potential danger. This is a kind of cat vocalization that’s more common in the wild and usually only happens when they’re trying to defend their territory or food source from intruders.

Trilling At Different Times

Cats can express a number of different emotions through their “trill” sounds on different occasions. Here are just some examples: 

My cat is trilling & purring

Cat trill and purr, both conveying positive emotions. And they mean the same thing: either trying to grab your attention or show contentment with this behavior.

My cat trills when in the heat

Often cats when they are in heat. Although neutered cats do not make sounds. Sounds are made by female cats only. But unneutered male cats make trilling sounds in the presence of a female cat.

My cat trills when being pet

A cat often trills when you pet them, and this only means that they love the attention of their owner. Trilling also indicates a cat’s desire for more playtime with its human companion.

My cat trills when playing

Cats love to play. Especially when they get to play with their owners, and the trilling sound that comes out of them can be a pretty good indicator as such!

Other Sounds Made By Cats

You probably know that cats are famous for their meows. But did you also know, they do more than just use a single sound? Cats have different kinds of noises to express various emotions and here are some examples:


Cats love to have their own fun time. They often sit by the window and set their target, either a bird or squirrel outside. Then they figure out the best way to scare them – imitate that same sound!


Cats purr when they are happy and contented. They tend to purr in response to being pet on their favorite spot by owners who love them dearly, like you!


orange tabby cat in close up photography

When your cat starts growling with all its strength, it’s important to know that something has pissed them off.

Growling is a way for cats to express their anger and this means you should look into what caused the feline fury so they can feel better soon!

The Whining

You know your cat is feeling hungry when they start to whine to get your attention. That usually stops after you feed them. One of ours, Foxy loves to whine when he wants food and does a great job at it.


When a cat hisses or spits at you it means they want their space! This could have been because of something as simple as an unfortunate trip to the litter box. But if there’s no other cause, it could be a sign that they’re feeling threatened by you.

Closing thoughts

It is challenging to understand the cat’s language. Cats are quite chatty, and they love to express themselves in many ways. That is why they make all kinds of sounds, starting from chirping to growling.

Cat trilling is a way for cats to communicate with their owners and other furry friends. It can mean different things, depending on the situation- sometimes it means they’re happy! Other times it might be because of pain or anxiety.

It’s important to listen closely not just what your cat has to say but how she says them as well. Excessive trills could indicate that something doesn’t feel right so take note when they trill excessively for no reason (watch their body language too!)


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