About Us

Hi there, fellow cat lovers! I'm Amber - a devoted cat mom to my two fluffy furballs, Hooli and Pidan. My journey into the world of cats was unexpected but filled with love and learning. That's why I started this blog - to connect with others who share my love for our feline friends and to offer a platform where we can exchange knowledge about catification, cat care, safety, and lifestyle.

My mission is simple: to make sure every cat out there lives like royalty – safe, pampered, and loved.

Here's what you'll find on Meowism:

  • Catification: As an interior design enthusiast (I could spend hours browsing Pinterest!), I'm all about transforming our homes into cat wonderlands. From stylish cat furniture to imaginative DIY projects, you'll discover loads of tips and ideas that'll help you create the perfect sanctuary for your feline companions.

  • Home Cat Safety: We've all heard those heart-wrenching stories of cats getting hurt or worse due to unsafe living conditions. Here at Meowism, we're dedicated to promoting cat safety. You'll find our top recommendations for creating a secure and hazard-free home environment for your beloved kitties.

  • Feline Furniture: Let's face it; nothing melts our hearts more than seeing our cats lounging in comfort on beautiful furniture designed just for them. We're always searching for the most elegant and practical pieces out there so that we can share our favorites with you.

  • Tech & Lifestyle: Beyond adorable photos and DIYs, we're also fascinated by the ever-evolving world of science and technology! From groundbreaking products to life-enhancing gadgets for your feline friends, we'll keep you informed about the latest advancements in cat care.

  • Cat Care & Fun Facts: Ever caught yourself wondering why your cat behaves a certain way or how best to tackle those pesky hairballs? While we're not certified experts, we love diving into research and uncovering interesting tidbits about our feline friends. We'll also share tried-and-true tips for keeping your cats healthy, content, and purring with joy.

So join me on this exciting journey as we explore the wonderful world of cats together. Let's make life even better for our whiskered companions!

Cats of Meowism
Pidan (left) and Hooli (right)