Why do cats sleep at the foot of the bed?

So you finally got a cat, congratulations! You’ve probably already learned that cats are more than just cute and cuddly pets. They’re also very independent creatures who like their alone time to sleep or be lazy at home.

You may not have realized this yet but, did you know that sleeping is one of the most important things for felines?

Cats spend about half of their day napping which is why it might seem like they’re always nestled up at the foot of your bed whenever you wake up in the morning. So back to the question:

Why do cats sleep at the foot of the bed?

Cats love sleeping at the foot of your bed because they love the warmth and because it is close to you. They feel safe and secure around you, and your presence allows them to sleep better at night.

Here are a few reasons:

Cats like the warmth of your body heat

If you’re a cat owner, then it’s likely that you already know this. Cats will often choose to sleep on or near their humans because they love the warmth that you emit. In most cases, cats will find a warm spot on or near their owners to relax and snooze.

Cats feel safe sleeping next to you

Just like humans, cats also need a place where they can rest and sleep without feeling any fear. They feel more relaxed with you around because they know you’ll protect them from any danger or threat. If you’re not there, then your cat might choose to sleep somewhere else.

They feel safer sleeping near their food source

If you’re wondering why your cat sleeps in the kitchen, then this is probably the reason. Cats are natural predators and hunters. They will naturally be more inclined to sleep in places where their food source is nearby like the kitchen or the pantry.

If their food and water bowls are near your bed, this might be one of the reasons why they choose to sleep at the foot of the bed.

Cats prefer a quiet place for sleep

If you’re wondering why your cat sleeps under the bed or in a closet, then this is probably one of the reasons. Cats will usually choose to sleep in places where there’s peace and quiet because they need their sleep just like humans.

Your bedroom at night is always quiet so it makes for an ideal place for your pet to get in some quick snoozes.

It provides them with an escape route in case any danger happens nearby 

Cats are naturally very curious animals and they like to explore their surroundings. They will sleep in places that are familiar to them, especially places where they can easily run away, should anything dangerous happens nearby.

If you’re wondering why your cat sleeps at the foot of the bed, then it’s likely because this is one of those areas.

They want to be close to their owners

You probably shower your cat with love and affection, which is why they want to be close to you at all times. They feel more relaxed when they’re around you because you make them feel safe. Your cat will do everything it can to stay by your side even if that means sleeping at the foot of your bed.

But aside from these reasons, another important reason why cats sleep at the foot of your bed is that it’s a place where they belong.

They consider you as one of their own and that includes your bedroom. Since this is where you spend most of your time, then it’ll make sense if they choose to sleep somewhere close by.

They might have been sleeping there when they were kittens

Cats are explorers especially when they’re young so it’s possible that they’ve been sleeping at the foot of your bed since they were a kitten.

Since cats love routine, they find comfort in or are just used to sleeping in the same place where they were when they were still a baby.

My personal take – They want to know when you’re up

Personally, I think another reason they sleep close to you is so that they want to know when you are up! It usually means mealtime or cuddles time so they just want to be there when you’re up in the morning.

Why does my cat sleep on my side of the bed?

When it comes down to a cat’s sleeping habits it all comes back to the comfort and safety a cat feels where they choose to sleep. When a cat decides to sleep on the side of your bed it may be because it is warmer in that area. If they crave heat and comfort then your cat may decide that it wants to take up space beside you.

Also, as said before, cats prefer a modicum of safety in where they sleep and the closer they are to you the safer they will feel. This is a great sign to show that your cat has an enormous amount of trust in you and is comfortable enough to let you in on its personal space.

The more time you spend with your cat the more you can expect it to grow an attachment to you which may lead them to sleep on your side of the bed.

How do I stop my cat from attacking my feet in my bed?

Sometimes, in the middle of the night, your cat may intentionally wake you up as they are not getting enough activity and exercise during the day.

This may be because you spend most of your day outside and end up spending the night sleeping peacefully. There may be other reasons for this as your cat may have other needs such as hunger or thirst and they want you to take care of these needs.

  1. Figure out the reason. You will need to know why your cats are attacking your feet. Is it because they want to play? Or is it because they are hungry? If they are hungry, feed them a little snack before bedtime will make them sleep so much better, and you will too.

  2. Tired them out. The more they are active the more they will be exhausted come nighttime. They’ll be too busy sleeping to disturb your sleep.

  3. Ignore them. Another thing you can do is to just ignore your cats at times like this. Your cats will eventually stop disturbing you as they are not getting the attention they are looking for.

  4. Get automated toys. Cats are energetic beings and are often nocturnal so you can get automated toys that they can play with while you are sleeping.

Final thoughts

Do you have a cat that loves sleeping at the foot of your bed or on your side of the bed? Let us know in the comments below! Also, remember to subscribe to Cat Societe to learn more about cats!


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