Why Do Cats Hate Water? 4 Reasons Explaining Why

Cats hate water and avoid it at all costs. This fact has been proven over and over again by cat owners who have tried various methods to get their cats to love water. It just goes to show that sometimes it’s better to leave things alone!

But why do cats dislike water so much? This question has been asked for many years, and there are many different theories as to why this is. In our article below, we have explained some of the reasons and theories about cats and their relationship with water.

Cats do not like water because it’s not their natural environment

The relationship between cats and water is a strange one. Aside from the fact that cats do not particularly like bathing with their owners, they are also very resistant to drinking water. Put a water bowl on the floor and a cat will either ignore it completely or just drink a little and then run away.

Our feline friends hate water because it is not a natural environment for them.

For example, a feral cat is unlikely to come into contact with bodies of water such as lakes, rivers or the sea, so it does not need to know how to swim. Domesticated cats, on the other hand, are usually surrounded by water at home and do not know how to handle it.

Most cats are incapable of swimming

There’s a reason your cats are constantly trying to escape from the bathtub and the pool and the lake and the creek and the rain puddle and the bird bath and the sprinkler and the bathtub and the sink and the pond and the lake and the bathtub and the pool and the litter box and the aquarium and the bathtub again: Cats are not natural swimmers.

They are not born to swim or float on a water surface. They may not be able to swim, or at least they may try to stay on the surface of the water for too long.

Cats do not like the feel of water on their fur

Why do not cats like the feel of water on their fur? A quick internet search will not give you a definitive answer – just a lot of theories. It’s not entirely true that they do not like wet fur, because we see them cleaning themselves with their tongues. It probably has more to do with temperature. Cats are used to being warm, and water that is too cold can feel uncomfortable or even painful. Do not expect a bath to be a pleasure for most cats.

Cats are afraid of getting wet and not being able to get to higher ground

Cats are natural climbers. Their back legs are twice as strong as their front legs, and they can jump up to five times their height. In addition, cats have a strong sense of balance and feel safer when they are high up.

While they are extremely agile on land, they react quite differently in water. Due to the lack of early socialization with water and the fact that they are a natural prey species, cats have developed a natural aversion to water.

Do all cats hate water?

Cat lovers know that cats are moody and independent creatures and do not always like to do what their humans want. An old saying goes, “You can lead a cat to water, but you can not make it drink”. Well, the same is true when it’s time for cats to bathe.

Every cat is an individual, and some cats are more likely to jump in the tub than others. But if your cat is generally against bathing, that’s perfectly normal. Most cats are very clean animals by nature, and many of them prefer to keep themselves clean by licking their fur clean.

Why do cats hate bathing?

The reason cats hate bathing is that they are instinctive creatures. Unlike humans who have become accustomed to bathing, cats never have. Most cats have never bathed because they clean themselves in the wild. They are very finicky animals and meticulously groom themselves. By licking and chewing their fur, they remove dirt and oil that would otherwise make their fur greasy and smelly.

Closing Thoughts

The reason cats hate water may be a natural aversion to liquids, or it may simply have something to do with their personalities. Whatever the reason, we hope this article was informative! Why do you think your cat hates getting wet? Subscribe to our newsletter to learn more interesting facts about cats!


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