How To Keep A Cat From Jumping a Fence: Tips and Tricks

How To Keep A Cat From Jumping a Fence: Tips and Tricks

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One of the joys of owning a cat is having them around the house, but that can come with one problem – they love to escape! Cats are inquisitive creatures and when their attention is captured by something else, it isn’t always easy for them to stay indoors. The good news is that there are things you can do to keep your kitty from jumping over a fence and running away into the unknown!

There you go – tips and tricks for how to keep a cat from jumping a fence.

Why Do Cats Love Jumping Over The Fence?

There are a few reasons why cats love jumping over the fence to the ‘outside.’ First, cats are naturally curious and love the idea of exploring the outdoors. Second, jumping over the fence to explore the outside is something they can do easily, especially with some ‘incentives,’ such as a passing mouse or birds.

Cats have an innate need to chase prey (and yes, they still like to do this). That instinct can cause them to jump over fences to catch what is on the other side.

One other reason cats feel the need to jump out of the hose is that they are alone at home and too bored indoors. They, like many other pets and humans, need enticement and toys to keep their day occupied. Being bored gives them the idea of jumping the fence to alleviate that boredom and explore the unknown.

How To Keep A Cat From Jumping a Fence

There are many ways to keep a cat from jumping over the fence. Have you tried any of these methods?

Higher fences

If you have a fence outside, the first thing to know is how high it is. Cats can jump 5 feet and sometimes even higher! So if your current height isn’t enough – make sure that your fence is higher (within limits, of course).

You can make the height of your fence taller to 6-8 feet. A higher fence will keep your cat off, but some cats are so good at jumping that they might still be able to jump over it! But most do not, and this is an excellent way for you to stop them from doing just that.

Choose a metal fence over a wooden one

Cats are hard to keep out because they can climb. Tall fences only keep jumping cats, not climbers, so if you want a different type of fencing, you should install metal instead of wooden fences.

Wooden fences have texture on them which offers grip – enabling cats (and other animals) enough traction when scaling the obstacle. However, flat metal surfaces lack this texture making climbing impossible – resulting in little to no chance for your cats to get out.

Anti-cat fence spikes

You can also install fence spikes over your fence that will keep a cat from jumping onto it. Don’t worry. These spiky fences are not as hard and sharp-looking as barbs! Because they’re made for cats, they won’t hurt or get stuck in them – and the higher height of the barrier will deter most cats from even trying to climb up there (although some may still manage it).

Cat-proof fence

Installing a cat-friendly fence is also an excellent approach since it may be used on any fence and will keep your cats from leaping over the fences. Once built, cats have difficulty climbing the 45 degrees upward slopes. It will make them unable to leap up with ease when trying to jump right over one side or another to reach what they want outside!

Cat enclosures

Building cat enclosures will be the best way if you want the best of both worlds – allowing your cat to enjoy outdoor time without risking themselves. You can install a cat enclosure near your house (or in the backyard) and let them enjoy time outside while not worrying about where they are going.

You can explore some cat enclosure ideas here in this article.

Fence roller bars

Roller bars are an excellent solution for ensuring your cat can’t get up on the top of fences because they move when paws come in contact with them. However, there are a few drawbacks – roller bars won’t prevent instances where cats jump directly over or climb onto higher surfaces without first balancing themselves against it. Moreover, there is a risk of cats falling and injuring themselves.

How High Can Cats Jump Over the Fence

Cats can jump to as high as 6-8 feet. A typical fence height is 8 feet, which means a cat can jump over the fence if it gets a running start. However, because cats have very flexible bodies and can jump higher than average, they can jump much more! Some cats can leap as high as 12 feet in one bound!

Moreover, to get over a fence, they can climb instead of jump. Choosing a metal fence can avoid this problem.


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