Do Burnt Cat Whiskers Grow Back? What You Need to Know About Cat Whiskers

Do Burnt Cat Whiskers Grow Back? What You Need to Know About Cat Whiskers

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Do you know what happens when you burn a cat’s whiskers? No, they don’t turn into blackened stubs. In fact, they may grow back. But there’s more to cat whiskers than just their ability to regrow after being burnt (please don’t let that happen again!). Whiskers are one of the most important features on a cat’s body, and they play a crucial role in the animal’s day-to-day life.

Do burnt cat whiskers grow back?

The general answer is yes, cat whiskers grow back over time if they are burnt off without any physical damage being done to the cat.

Cats do not have human-like hair which grows from follicles. Instead, they possess “vibrissae”, or stiff hairs that grow from their skin. A lost whisker will grow back, but it takes time and patience to help it along… so be patient! 

However, there may be several other reasons that your cat has lost their whiskers prematurely such as illness or infection. If these are ruled out and your vet confirms that there was no other trauma during the time period when the whiskers started falling out, then it is possible for them to regenerate over a few months’ time.

What do cats use whiskers for?

Whiskers help cats do a number of things.

Balance their bodies – Cats are able to sense their body position with the help of proprioceptors located at the end of whiskers. This is how cats land on their feet every time!

Sense the surroundings – Whiskers are like radar detectors in the sense that they detect faint vibrations caused by changes in air currents. Cats use their whiskers to “see” things even if it is at night and there is little light.

Detect small gaps – Cats’ wide, sensitive whiskers are very helpful when it comes to detecting small openings which do not have their vision obstructed by objects like chairs or tables that might block the view of a bigger opening. This is why cats tend to squeeze into small spaces, like boxes or paper bags.

Communicate emotions – A happy or curious cat may elevate his whiskers above his eyes, giving him a cute wide-eyed appearance. If the kitty feels threatened he pulls and tautens the whiskers on their muzzle while flaring them towards to the direction of the threat.

Do cats lose whiskers?

Do Burnt Cat Whiskers Grow Back

Yes, cats do lose their whiskers. They usually drop one or two whiskers at a time when it happens naturally because of wear and tear over time. If your kitty is losing more than one whisker at a time, it may be a sign of something else going on with their health.

It might also happen naturally when they are playing (roughly) or fighting with other cats. Do not be too worried if you find whiskers around your house every now and then. As long as it is not too many at one time, your cats are perfectly fine.

How do you encourage your cat’s whisker growth?

There is nothing much you can do to help your cats grow back their whiskers. It will do so naturally over time. However, always ensure they have a nutritious and complete diet so their body and perform what they are good at, including growing back whiskers!

What is whiskers fatigue?

Whiskers fatigue happens when your cat food or water bowl is too small for them to drink or eat from comfortably. It is a problem that arises when cats’ whiskers are blocked by an object (say, their bowls) and it causes them stress due to sensory overload.


Do not worry too much if your cat’s whiskers fall off naturally or are accidentally cut or burned. As long as they are healthy and have not been injured, whiskers will grow back over time. However, be careful with fire at home, because it is very dangerous for your cats.

If you are curious about a cat’s body language, read this comprehensive guide on cat behaviors.


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