How High Can Cats Jump Down Without Getting Hurt?

How High Can Cats Jump Down Without Getting Hurt?

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Cats are the ultimate hunters, always eager to explore and wait for their next opportunity to pounce on their prey. However, sometimes these agile animals can get themselves in a sticky spot that leaves them out of a few lives! Here is just one instance where cats show off some impressive jumping skills as seen in this video:

But… How high can cats jump down without getting hurt? There’s a lot of controversy on this topic. Regardless of which sides people take in this argument, most agree upon one thing. If you want to make sure the best possible outcome happens when your kitty jumps off something, then the best thing to do is keep him away from heights.

How high can cats jump down without getting hurt?

The average cat can jump up to about 8 feet in height, around 2.4 meters. Jumping straight down from this height won’t hurt them because they have enough time to prepare themselves for the landing.

However, if they jump down from a greater height, your feline friend will be at significant risk of harming himself. So no, it is not ok to let cats jump down from a great height, thinking they can always land on their feet.

Also, cats who are weaker or have injuries, kittens, and elderly cats might not be able to jump down from a height without getting hurt.

Can cats survive a fall from any height?

No. Typically, cats may survive falls from heights of less than four stories (~13 meters). However, after that height, the survival rate lowers, and the cat has an increased risk of traumatic injuries or death.

Of course, the answer also depends on where on the ground they fell and what kind of land surface was below them. Their chances are better if they land on weeds or fallen branches instead of asphalt.

In general, DO NOT assume cats can survive a fall from any height. Usually, they sustain severe injuries from falls, if not death when they fall from buildings. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure your windows have fully meshed.

What is “high-rise syndrome” in cats?

High Rise Syndrome is a term used to describe how many cats are dying in high-rise apartment buildings from the upper floor. Since they don’t have any space outside of their apartments, some cats have taken up short journeys out of their window to find new territory.

Yet even this becomes a challenge considering their average height is 8-10 stories up from the ground to try and survive when their natural enemies still patrol around below them.

Owners SHOULD always ensure the safety of their cats by having window grills or meshed up their windows. Meshing up windows can help prevent their cats from getting themselves into any trouble. If you are a new cat owner, you may read more about cat-proofing your house in this article.

Do cats always land on their feet?

Yes, cats tend to always land on their feet. However, there are some points to note about this truth. First of all, their abilities aren’t infallible; a surface they’re used to can be too slick for them, and the “fall” won’t break.

Secondly, the height they are falling from is also essential. If the cat is falling from an extreme height, then there’s a chance they might not be able to land on their feet and will sustain injuries.

Cats always land on their feet because, unlike humans, they have an instinctual ability to right themselves after falling. This function is neurological and occurs during the delay in a cat’s reflexes that causes them to rotate their body 180 degrees or more before touching the ground.

So no matter how good your cat is at jumping down from high places without getting hurt, you should still be careful and keep them away from heights.

What to do if a cat is injured from a jump

You’ll want to take it in for treatment instead of trying anything at home. They can quickly get worse while being treated and leave irreversible damage.

Check how bad the wound is. If you observe bleeding or broken bones, or if your cat is limbing or unconscious, take your cat for medical attention urgently. Do not underestimate an injury as a head injury or other internal injuries might be undetectable but fetal.

We should always try our 100% best not to let our cats be in danger.

However, accidents can happen, and your cats might need emergency treatment.

If vet fees for accidents are a concern for you, you may want to know about the Pawp emergency fund. It covers your vet fees for up to 6 pets for $24 per month. If you are already registered, all you have to do is call Pawp on the way to the vet and let them know the situation. After that, Pawp will take care of your vet fees of up to $3000. No upfront payment is required.


Cats can jump down from heights up to around 8 feet without getting hurt, but that is not a certainty. They also do not always land on their feet. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that your cats are not at risk of falling off a building. If your cat is injured after jumping from a height, immediately take it in for medical attention.

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